About Me

I’ve never had any luck describing myself. I always manage to sound either arrogant or pathetic. For the sake of avoiding these, I will stick to facts.


I am a recent graduate of the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities and am now a student at Southern Methodist University, currently studying to receive my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting. Yes, I am a child of the stage, with an air of overt theatricality that has loomed about me since I was a wee tyke. I have dabbled in the age-old traditions of puppetry and clown, and have a particular appreciation and knack for makeup application. I enjoy fine cuisine, fancy clothing, and classic film. Inspirational figures include Jim Henson, and Marcel Marceau. I have a peanut allergy that I have carried with me since preschool, and I always carry my epi-pen in my right-hand pocket. I prefer deep, dark colors suck as burgundy and byzantium, and my favorite time of day is dusk. I once had a rash on my left side, which we later found out was caused by an allergic reaction to a particular type of medicine prescribed to me after discovering a rash on my chest caused by an allergic reaction to a particular type of laundry detergent. Much of my childhood was spend leisurely by the window of my grandparents’ kitchen, drawing pictures of frosty the snowman; mickey mouse; and genitalia. I have had two pets: a cat named Miracle, who had six toes on his/ her hind legs, and a dog named Belle, who currently spends her time doing not much of anything at all… much like myself. We get along in that sense.

That is essentially me on the half-shell.


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