Now Is the Summer of My Discontent

I’ve always found myself leaning toward apprehensiveness in any attempt to commit to a blog. And I imagine my primary reasoning to be that “no one gives a hot damn about anything I might have to say, therefore I am better left keeping my mouth shut (or keyboard shut, as it were).” Another problem I face is an unfortunate sense of perfectionism preventing me from reaching any recognizable form of satisfaction with any work I accept as my own. ‘Tis a constant battle in the Young psyche, (although ironically not a major problem in the young psyche. See what I did there?) but I manage. This being the summer of my discontent, I feel a need to… reinvent myself, in a sense. Perhaps this is the beginning of a new, unrestrained me. A me who has freed himself from the shackles of f**k-giving, and who can manage to write simply for the hell of it.

There is a burning need to document life. Oddly enough, I have spent the past five hours tossing memory after memory in the garbage bin, for no other reason than my lack of space to keep them in. As it turns out, your average condominium closet can only hold X number of memories, before becoming a veritable… void. Luckily, I hold little value in material tokens. I once convinced myself that I would create video log (or “vlog” as the young’ns call them), and I had almost convinced myself that people would watch said log. However, after two years and five views, I decided that there were better uses of my free time. (In retrospect, there really weren’t). Here, I am starting my fifth blog in three years, and I wish I knew why I am any more convinced that people will read my tat now than I was this time three years ago. But, as a brilliant friend of mine once wrote me, “whtvs.”

And that is the approach I deem necessary for my blogging exploits to work. Whtvs.


Now, what can you, the reader, come to expect from a lifelong commitment to Isaac Young Blogging Services L.L.C.? Surely, my life is not nearly exciting enough to warrant anyone’s time. I can safely say that I am a somewhat eccentric individual with a knack for self-depreciating humor, a series of (apparently) humorous medical conditions, and a borderline sick obsession with animated films and the circus arts. I own a purple homosexual puppet named Fuhnando, and I will soon be living in Dallas, Texas as I pursue my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting.

I hope I can keep you sufficiently entertained.

-Isaac Y.

P.S.- I think each post should have associated image. Being somewhat artistic, this will provide me with great joy. Here’s a picture of a bear sneezing, drawn for a distinctly different purpose than that of this blog.


One thought on “Now Is the Summer of My Discontent

  1. Totally understand what you mean about people not really caring about what you have to say.

    I’m in a class right now where I have to make a blog on a specific subject, I have a hard time letting my posts go free without worrying about the way it looks like.

    So, I hope that you keep to your blog! Just for yourself. I think it’ll probably be a good way of you documenting your summer.

    I once decided to write a journal for the whole of one summer. I still look back at it and laugh and think of all the things that once worried me.

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